Gusher 7550 Series Vertical End Suction 1.25X1.5-75 Sump Pump


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For all process services and applications, the Gusher line of Vertical Heavy Duty Pumps provides the most complete, reliable and most economical solution. The Gusher Heavy Duty Series Vertical Pumps are virtually maintenance-free which give you the added benefit of substantially reduced operational costs.

  • Model: 1.25×1.5-75EL-24-CDH-BDF
  • Condition: Unused, New Surplus
  • S/N: 1283-088
  • Ports: Threaded
  • Port Sizes: 1.5″ suction, 1.25″ discharge

The Vertical Advantage

  • No suction Piping, Strainers or Valve
  • No Suction Flex Joints required
  • No Grouting or Foundation required
    • Automatic pump to motor alignment
  • No Mechanical Seals required
  • Mechanical Seal Flush Plans eliminated
  • Less HP draw because there is no Mechanical Seal
  • Less Floor Space required
  • Less Suction condition problems with Cavitation and Air Entrainment

Design Features

  • Vertical Design eliminates the Mechanical Seal thereby eliminating the most common service item on most pumps.
    • Mechanical Seal is replaced with a non-contacting carbon Throttle Bushing. This Throttle Bushing is used for two reasons:
      • Slows down flow exiting the pump through the Shaft opening in the Stem Plate.
      • Helps protect Shaft and Impeller as the Bearings wear.
        Less downtime and lower labor costs to repair than Horizontal pumps.

Proven Design

The Gusher 7550 Vertical Heavy Duty has been designed to give Heavy Duty Pumping Service in a wide range of applications, after decades of Application-Tested and Time-Proven reliability.

Design Features Include…

  • Bearings – Oversize Heavy Duty Type, supplied with grease fittings and located above the base plate out of corrosive area.
  • Shaft – Heavy, made of High Strength Steel.
  • Impeller – Proven Design and external adjustable clearance increase Efficiency and Performance.
  • Air Space – This feature is a real advantage when pumping Paint or other liquids that have a tendency to foam and overflow your tank. Overflow will not damage ball bearings in power frame.
  • Motor Alignment – Exclusive Motor Mounting Arrangement allows easy motor alignment in the field.


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